2022 SLBC Virtual Conference

February 15-18

SLBC Tefilah & Shira Kallah

February 20-22

SLBC National Conference

February 22-24

SLBC Songleader Summit


Education and Inspiration, Grounded in Strategic Planning

Songleader Boot Camp (SLBC) provides powerful Jewish leadership training for clergy, Jewish educators, religious and day school teachers, family engagement and early childhood specialists, teen leaders, Jewish camping staff, and veteran and new songleaders. Led by nationally renowned Jewish thought leaders, educators, and music artists, SLBC teaches participants specific skills and strategies to inspire transformative change in their Jewish communities. At SLBC, education and inspiration are grounded in strategic planning.

SLBC programs include SLBC national and regional conferences, individual coaching, and leadership training seminars for synagogues, synagogue board of directors, and Jewish conferences.

The SLBC National Conference, held every February, features a wide range of dynamic courses that explore a holistic approach to powerful and effective leadership in the Jewish world. The SLBC National Conference experience is soaked in inspirational Jewish music and communal singing. Participants do not need to sing or play an instrument to fully experience ALL that SLBC has to offer. Music is just one of many vehicles for connection and inspiration that is explored at SLBC conferences.

 SLBC is a national signature initiative of the St. Louis Jewish Community Center.

  • Engage in intensive, super-charged learning with nationally respected Jewish educators, thought-leaders and music artists
  • Become a more effective and engaging presenter and public speaker
  • Create meaningful connections from the bima, in synagogue hallways, at camp, and in all aspects of synagogue life
  • Collaborate with a community of like-minded Jewish professionals
  • Utilize music as a powerful, educational and inspirational vehicle. You don’t need to be a musician!
  • Learn dynamic and relevant ways to reach specific age demographics
  • Acquire new and exciting repertoire

2022 SLBC Virtual Conference

Registration is NOW OPEN for the biggest SLBC of all time! More people than ever before will be able to experience the love, learning and leadership of the SLBC community through this multi-week virtual conference. All sessions will be recorded and available for 2 months AFTER the SLBC Virtual Conference.

  • Grow, Learn, & Sing with our widest and most inspiring gathering of thought leaders, educators, artists and clergy from all over the world.
  • Connect and Network with participants from all over the world
  • Spend Less than the cost of an airplane ticket for the full-access SLBC experience!
  • Learn Tons of Music from our expansive SLBC Songteach Video Archive featuring hundreds of original songs taught by our core educators and presenters!
  • View Video Recordings of SLBC sessions for 2 months after the conference.
  • Enhance Your Virtual Leadership with the most cutting edge tools and presentation techniques for maximizing interaction and engagement in virtual Jewish settings.

SLBC Virtual Conference Experiences

Grab your SLBC All-Access Virtual Pass TODAY to take part in ALL of these incredible conference experiences.

Feb. 15-18: SLBC Tefilah & Shira Kallah (All-Access pass ONLY)

Tues.-Thurs. 6:30-8:30PM Central

Wed.-Fri.      11:30-1:30PM Central

Feb 20-22: SLBC National Conference

Sun. 12PM-11PM Central

Mon. 9:30AM – 11PM Central

Tues.  9:30AM – 4:45PM Central

Feb. 22-24: SLBC Songleader Summit (All-Access pass ONLY)

Tues. 6:30PM-8:30PM Central

Wed. 11:30AM-1:30PM, 6:30PM-8:30PM Central

Thurs. 11:30AM-1:30PM, 6:30PM-8:30PM Central

SLBC Songteach Video Archive

Learn tons of music from our expansive SLBC Songteach Video Archive featuring hundreds of original songs taught by our core educators, presenters and participants! The SLBC Songteach Video Archive will be available for two months following the conference to all registered participants.


$275 SLBC National Conference Pass  
SLBC National Conference + SLBC Repertoire Video Archive


$375 SLBC All-Access Pass
SLBC National Conference + SLBC Songteach Video Archive
SLBC Tefilah and Shira Kallah
SLBC Songleader Summit


$72 Additional YEAR of access to SLBC National Conference session video recordings 
– FREE: Registration includes access to video recordings of SLBC sessions for 2 months after the conference. 
– ADD an additional YEAR of access to SLBC National Conference video recordings for $72!

Group Discounts

SLBC group rates are offered to encourage congregations, camps, Jewish organizations, and entire Jewish communities to work strategically towards creating meaningful and lasting systemic change on an organizational or community-wide scale. SLBC group participants leave SLBC with a shared vocabulary, skill set, and strategy for creating lasting impact in their home communities. SLBC groups will have opportunities to work together as a group to draft a Strategic Road Map specifically created for their organization. This SLBC Strategic Road Map outlines a unified vision, goals, milestones, and specific action items.

For more information about SLBC Group Rates, contact Elisa Heiligman at elisa@songleaderbootcamp.com or 314.991.0909

Cancellation Policy

Registration closes on Tuesday, February 1, 2022. If you wish to cancel your SLBC Virtual Conference registration on or before January 1, 2022 there is a $150 cancellation fee. No registration fees will be refunded after January 1, 2022.

2022 SLBC National Conference

The Songleader Boot Camp (SLBC) National Conference is one of the top immersive Jewish leadership training opportunities in the country led by nationally renowned Jewish leaders, educators and music artists. SLBC teaches participants about the many vehicles they have to create powerful, interactive connections, expand leadership abilities, and learn specific skills and techniques to inspire change in their communities.

*The SLBC National Conference includes the SLBC Repertoire Video Archive featuring hundreds of original songs taught by our core educators and presenters!

There are leadership skills that people are born with and there are leadership skills that people can cultivate. SLBC gives tangible, practical takeaways in how to be the best prayer-leader, how to be the best Songleader, how to be the best jewish leader you can be.
– Rabbi David Ingber, Romemu, New York, NY

I have never seen anything like SLBC in any other environment. The level of inspiration is so high and the commitment to translation is so significant.

– Rabbi Sharon Brous, IKAR, Los Angeles, CA

2022 SLBC Tefilah & Shira Kallah presented by National Ramah Commission

SLBC is proud to partner with Ramah National Commission to present the SLBC Tefilah & Shira Kallah (Feb 15-18) that leads the SLBC National Conference (Feb 20-22). Join Eliana Light, Rabbi Josh Warshawsky, and special guest presenters and educators as we explore the rich history of our liturgical heritage and discuss how to craft meaningful prayer experiences, no matter the time or place, virtual or in person. Where do we fit into our own prayer experience and how can we take others on that journey for themselves? As both pray-ers and practitioners, let’s sing, learn, move, create, and open our hearts together.

* The SLBC Tefilah & Shira Kallah is open to participants from all denominations.

If you’re a person who knows that there is the transcendent and it is accessible to us and prayer is the way to reach toward it, then come to SLBC and they will show you the first rungs on the ladder. And the climbing? That’s yours.
– Rabbi Ed Feinstein, Valley Beth Shalom, Encino, CA

2022 SLBC Songleader Summit

The capstone of the SLBC 2022 experience is the SLBC Songleader Summit (Feb 22-24), an intensive songleading skills development program for both new and veteran songleaders looking to take their leadership, teaching and presentation abilities to the next level. From its inception, SLBC has believed that songleaders are some of the most powerful educators in Jewish life. Especially in virtual spaces, our communities need engaging and captivating music leaders and educators more than ever. Learn techniques from some of the best Jewish artists and leaders in North America and share ideas and best practices with songleaders from all over the world! Courses will focus on skills/technique, leadership/presentation skills, song session preparation and planning, audio/visual equipment for songleading, personal care, and more.

There are leadership skills that people are born with and there are leadership skills that people can cultivate. And without cultivation, it doesn’t matter how talented you are…you really can’t become the best that you can be. SLBC gives tangible, practical takeaways in how to be the best prayer-leader, how to be the best Songleader, how to be the best jewish leader you can be.
– Rabbi David Ingber, Romemu, New York, NY

2022 SLBC Virtual Conference Core Educators & Presenters

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Laurie Akers

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Rabbi Aaron Alexander

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Ellen Allard

view profile

Rabbi Joe Black

view profile

Rabbi Minna Bromberg

view profile

Joe Buchanan

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Rabbi Angela Buchdahl

view profile

Cantor Ellen Dreskin

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Rabbi Rebecca Dubowe

view profile

Hazzan Joanna Dulkin

view profile

Koach Baruch Frazier

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Rabbi Micah Greenstein

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Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann

view profile

Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt

view profile

Rabbi Brad Horwitz

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Rabbi David Ingber

view profile

Billy Jonas

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Shira Kline

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Charlie Kramer

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Jacob Spike Kraus

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Rabbi Sandra Lawson

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Naomi Less

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Eliana Light

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Chava Mirel

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Elana Naftalin-Kelman

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Craig Parks

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Mikey Pauker

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Elisa Heiligman Recht

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Rick Recht

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Jon Adam Ross

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Julie Silver

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Rabbi Susan Talve

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Rabbi Josh Warshawsky

Course Offerings at the SLBC Virtual Conference

At the SLBC National Conference, participants are encouraged to choose their own adventure by selecting courses in the Worship Leader, Jewish Educator, Early Childhood, Day School or Songleader Tracks. Participants are welcome to attend electives from any of the SLBC Tracks throughout the conference. 

The SLBC Chavurot (Ramah Chavurah, Staenberg Camping Chavurah, Day School Chavurah, and Staenberg Teen Chavurah) are cohorts that have their own independent team programming during SLBC National Conference. Chavurot participants apply for these cohorts separately from SLBC general registration.

Worship Leaders track

The Worship Leader Track, directed by Cantor Ellen Dreskin, was created to support the spiritual, educational, and professional goals of worship leaders including rabbis, cantors, Jewish educators, teens, songleaders, and lay leaders. Topics for worship leader sessions include theology, prayer expansion and interpretation, diversity in text study, Shabbat repertoire, leadership in prayer, building a singing community and more.

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Jewish Educator track

All SLBC attendees are Jewish educators – some teach on the bima, at synagogue, in classrooms, at camp, in song, or other areas of Jewish life.  SLBC Jewish Educator Track features courses that teach skills, cover topics, and explore strategies that touch on a broad range of Jewish settings.

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Songleader track

Jewish songleaders are some of the most powerful educators and leaders in Jewish life. From its inception, SLBC National Conference has featured a diverse offering of courses for both new and veteran songleaders including general leadership, songleading skills, repertoire, the business of songleading, the equipment of songleading, songession planning, songleading resources, and personal care.

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Day School Teacher track

The SLBC Day School track shares a variety of courses for geared toward   Jewish day school teachers including curricular planning, presentation skills, mindfulness, planning and leading engaging tefilot, utilization of music in the classroom, honoring students with special needs, and more.

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Family Engagement/Early Childhood track

The SLBC Family Engagement/ Early Childhood Track offers a variety of courses for individuals who work with young children and their families.  Courses in the track focus on leadership skills, strategies, and resources that are particularly unique to this demographic.  There are also courses in this track that focus on early childhood repertoire and the utilization of music for young children and their families.

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Staenberg Camping chavurah

With gracious support from the Staenberg Family Foundation, Songleader Boot Camp and the JCC Association are excited to offer Jewish over night and day camping a program to transform the musical cultures and leadership of Jewish camping.

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Ramah Camping chavurah

For the last 6 years, Ramah constituents have gathered annually in the SLBC Ramah Chavurah for 3 days of immersive learning, t’fillah (prayer), strategic road-mapping, song leadership, and spiritual exploration at the SLBC National Conference.

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Staenberg Teen chavurah

With gracious support from the Staenberg Family Foundation, SLBC is  excited to expand the Teen Chavurah at SLBC. Led by Naomi Less and Jacob Spike Kraus, the goal of the Teen Chavurah program is to build strong, vibrant, future leaders of the Jewish world.

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Day School Student chavurah

In 2018, SLBC launched the SLBC Day School Chavurah for day school students in grades six through eight. Classes from St. Louis and Greensboro joined together for this inaugural SLBC pilot program exploring roles and leadership skills necessary for students to effectively lead tefilah (prayer) and shira (song), as well as a variety of programs in a day school setting. 

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