SLBC Skills Series features some of the top thought leaders in Jewish life sharing valuable wisdom and lessons for being a powerful and effective leader. Learn, grow, and enjoy!

Rabbi Yosef Goldman Rabbi Yosef Goldman, Senior Advisor of Hadar’s Rising Song Institute, articulates what makes communal singing so powerful, both for the group and the individual.

Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann If you don’t feel like you know how to pray, you’re not alone. Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann of Mishkan Chicago shares why prayer doesn’t necessarily come from the prayerbook.

Elana Naftalin-Kelman SLBC inclusion expert Elana Naftalin-Kelman shares 3 steps to start making your spaces and programs more inclusive for people of all needs and abilities

Eliana Light SLBC Core Educator Eliana Light shares her song “Skyman,” and how it can be used to start a conversation about G!d.

Ellen Allard SLBC Core Educator Ellen Allard introduces us to her friend Mimi the Mermaid in this SLBC Skills Series about the power of pretend, and how it can help us teach young children about G!d.

Cantor Ellen Dreskin The “Aleinu” prayer is … complicated. SLBC Core Educator Cantor Ellen Dreskin shares her interpretation of what it means to be “chosen,” along with her musical interpretation, “Aleinu L’Shabei’ach,” co-written with Dan Nichols.

Rabbi Joe Black Guitar players — check out this fingerpicking tutorial from Rabbi Joe Black! Learn the basics of the Travis picking style to up your guitar-playing game.

Dr. Emily Teck Babies happen! Especially in Jewish communal spaces. Dr. Emily Teck shares why, from a developmental perspective, it’s critical to welcome people at such an early age.

Deborah Sacks Mintz When it comes to crafting powerful prayer experiences, Deborah Sacks Mintz always considers the “who,” “where” and “when.”

Rabbi Andrea Goldstein Rabbi Andrea Goldstein explains why anavah, or humility, is a mindfulness practice that everyone can work to incorporate into their lives.

Dr. Emily Teck Tot Shabbat really does make a difference for young kids and their families, and Dr. Emily Teck has the data to prove it! Here are her research findings.

Josh Ehrlich Josh Ehrlich, creator of The Choral Torah: 5 Books in 4 Parts, talks about the power of the written note and how it can help create more inclusive Jewish singing communities.

Rabbi Rebecca Dubowe Rabbi Rebecca Dubowe offers her sign language interpretation of the Shema.

Ellen Allard Ellen Allard talks about working with children who have different learning styles. What kind of learner are you?

Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann What does having a day of rest have to do with being a good person? Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann of Mishkan Chicago shares her thoughts on the moral imperative of Shabbat.

Rabbi David Ingber Rabbi David Ingber shares that the first words we say in the morning, “Modeh/Modah Ani,” aren’t just about gratitude — they’re about giving in.

Billy Jonas Billy Jonas demonstrates “embodied Judaism” using his song “Kol Han’shamah” [Praise!]

Naomi Less Naomi Less shares her thoughts (and a song!) about starting your day with an attitude of gratitude.

Shira Kline Shira Kline grew tired of “box-style” Jewish educating, which led her to this working theory of six ingredients for Jewish education. What would you add?

Rabbi David Ingber How do you get back up after you’ve fallen down? Rabbi David Ingber teaches about the inevitability of making mistakes and the gift of a new breath … to try again.

Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann How do you focus when your mind is wandering? Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann shares some beautiful insight about how to be present in the spiritual moment.

Eliana Light Eliana Light talks about the importance of the names we use for G-d and how they impact our relationship with the divine.

Cantor Ellen Dreskin Cantor Ellen Dreskin offers this teaching about what we can learn about God from Hebrew liturgy. Who knew “crumbs” could be so beautiful?

Rabbi Andrea Goldstein Rabbi Andrea Goldstein offers a beautiful teaching about mindfulness. What little miracles do you notice in your own life?

Rabbi David Ingber The Torah itself is a song! Rabbi David Ingber asks, what song focuses your life on the holy?

Naomi Less Naomi Less talks about ways we can connect prayers to our lives.

Ron Wolfson Ron Wolfson shares a core truth about Judaism … it’s all about relationships.

Rabbi David Ingber Are you a Gratituder? Rabbi David Ingber presents a new SLBC Skills Series on inviting gratitude into our daily lives!

Rabbi Ed Feinstein Rabbi Ed Feinstein talks about the siddur as a museum – how do we create meaning from the prayers?

Cantor Ellen Dreskin Cantor Ellen Dreskin’s beautiful teaching on Psalm 150 and breathing will bring some mindfulness into your day. Each breath is a gift!

Rabbi Sharon Brous What teaching do you carry with you? Rabbi Sharon Brous of IKAR shares a beautiful teaching that she has carried with her for many years.

Rabbi Susan Talve Rabbi Susan Talve offers a toolbox to bring some light into the darkness. How do you encourage others to shine their light?

Ellen Allard How do you teach children about God? Ellen Allard has some ideas for you in the first SLBC Skills Series video.

Rabbi Micah Buck-Yael The way we read our stories reflect the way we live as Jews. Rabbi Micah Buck-Yael asks, can we reread our stories in a way that shows us how broad and diverse our communities can be?

Billy Jonas How do you RENEW yourself? Billy Jonas talks about self-care and personal preservation for leaders.

Cantor Lisa Levine Cantor Lisa L. Levine talks about using music to help others in need. How can we bring music and joy into the lives of people when they need it the most?

Cantor Ellen Dreskin What can the language in the siddur tell us about the liturgy itself? Cantor Ellen Dreskin presents some of her “Glamour in the Grammar” workshop.

Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell How do you cultivate the seeds of gratitude and connection? Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell talks about cultivating love.

Hazzan Nancy Abramson How does the cantillation (Torah trope) function? What’s it’s purpose? What can you learn about the Torah portion from the way it sounds? Get the answers from Hazzan Nancy Abramson.