Ramah Chavurah

For the last 10 years, Ramah campers and staff have gathered annually in the SLBC Ramah Chavurah for 3 days of immersive learning, t’fillah, strategic road-mapping, songleadership, and spiritual exploration at the SLBC National Conference.

SLBC is proud to partner with Ramah National Commission to present the SLBC National Conference. Join Rabbi Josh Warshawsky and special guest presenters and educators as we explore the rich history of our liturgical heritage and discuss how to craft meaningful prayer experiences, no matter the time or place, virtual or in person. Where do we fit into our own prayer experience and how can we take others on that journey for themselves? As both pray-ers and practitioners, let’s sing, learn, move, create, and open our hearts together.

* The SLBC Ramah Chavurah is open to participants from all denominations.


SLBC has really taught me what it means to be an all-around engaging educator, not just someone who can teach text.
– Rabbi Josh Warshawsky, nationally touring music artist and educator


It’s a blend of music and conversation and inspiration and worship, and really collective thinking together about what are the needs of our time and how do we convey the wisdom of Jewish tradition for the next generation – I don’t know of any place like this place.
– Rabbi Brad Artson, Roslyn Goldstine Dean’s Chair of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at the American Jewish University in LA, CA


It’s sort of a petri dish of what works! SLBC has served to elevate and inspire and really help our program grow, and bring ruach and exciting Jewish music and engaging leadership to our camps.
– Marc Sacks, Camp Ramah Board of Directors, Chicago, IL


For more information, please contact elisa@songleaderbootcamp.com

Staenberg Teen Chavurah

With gracious support from the Staenberg Family Foundation, we are excited to continue the SLBC Teen Chavurah this year! Led by Jacob Spike Kraus, the goal of the SLBC Teen Chavurah is to build strong, vibrant, future leaders of the Jewish world. The teen chavurah teaches participants about the many tools they can access to create powerful, interactive Jewish connections. Teen participants expand their leadership abilities, taking presentation and songleading skills to an entirely new level. Music is an amazing vehicle for teens, but most SLBC teen participants are not musicians or singers. The chavurah focuses primarily on general leadership skills, using music as a powerful bonding agent. You do NOT need to play an instrument to take part in the SLBC Teen Chavurah.

SLBC national and regional conferences provide teens with leadership and presentation skills that can greatly benefit their school, spiritual, and personal lives:

  • Participate in intensive, super-charged sessions with your favorite Jewish music artists and respected educators.
  • Learn valuable skills for becoming a leader in your community.
  • Grow your confidence exponentially. You’ll be ready to rock out any presentation or performance.
  • Gain super star presentation and/or songleading techniques. You don’t need to be a musician.
  • Share a truly inspiring experience with like-minded teens.
  • Create a Strategic Roadmap for long-term growth.
  • Experience a powerful leadership program to include in college applications and resume.

For more information about participating in the Staenberg Teen chavurah, please contact elisa@songleaderbootcamp.com

Day School Chavurah

In 2018, SLBC launched the SLBC Day School Chavurah for day school students in grades six through eight. Over the last two years, Jewish day schools from St. Louis, Milwaukee, Rochester, and Greensboro joined together to explore the roles and leadership skills necessary for students to effectively lead tefilah (prayer) and shira (song), as well as a variety of programs in day school settings. Teacher and student participants from each city also had the opportunity to bond with each other and share best practices. The chavurah was a tremendous success and will expand at SLBC this year.


Students returned to school not only with new repertoire and techniques for energizing tefillot, but also with new conceptions of themselves as leaders. They continue to be excited by the possibility that they themselves can do more than simply lead prayers–they want to be leaders who think carefully about how they want their community to feel and how to build excitement and ruach for students of all ages.
– Susan Siegel, Head of School, B’nai Shalom Day School, Greensboro, NC


The SLBC 2018 Day School Student Leadership Chavurah exposed our students to new repertoire and diverse techniques for leading creative Jewish prayer experiences. The learning in break-out sessions and relationships they built with peers across the country empowered them to reflect thoughtfully on their roles in creating meaningful prayer experiences at our school and ask deep and transformative questions about what we might build together.
– Rabbi Scott Slarsky, Director of Jewish Life, Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School, St. Louis, MO


For more information about your day school participating in the Day School Student chavurah, please contact elisa@songleaderbootcamp.com

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