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Bring the power of SLBC to your conference, synagogue, or community with on-site leadership training programs led by SLBC founder, Rick Recht. SLBC leadership seminars are ideal for supercharging worship leaders, religious school teachers, teen madrichim, synagogue staff, synagogue board of directors, and Jewish community leaders with SLBC skills and methodologies for long term, community impact (seminar examples below).

Over last several years, SLBC leadership training seminars were featured at the USCJ Cantors Assembly, PJ Library National Conference, USCJ Jewish Educators Assembly, communities and synagogues across the United States.

STAR State Workshop

STAR State is a powerful and highly motivational leadership training seminar demonstrating methods utilized by the world’s top athletes, entertainers, and educators to quickly and consistently achieve a peak physical and psychological state to achieve extraordinary performance. What do these ‘best in class’ performers share in common? They all utilize STAR State techniques to guarantee the very best version of themselves is front and center whether on a stage, bima, or in a classroom. The STAR State workshop is highly interactive, physical, and fun. STAR State provides wonderful practical, take-home, techniques for educators, clergy, and songleaders to utilize in their personal and professional lives to achieve a peak state when alone, in the community, with colleagues, or with friends and family. You can always be a STAR!

Head-to-Toes: Interactive Body Dynamics

The Head-to-Toes interactive body dynamics master course explores ways top presenters utilize every aspect of their bodies, body distance, and words of praise to create exciting, meaningful, interactive experiences in various settings of synagogue life and beyond. In this workshop, we not only learn ways to employ Head to Toes techniques, but also to teach and practice these valuable techniques to other leaders and teachers.

Shared Leadership Model: Creating Powerful Co-Leading Opportunities

The greatest leaders are leaders of leaders and teachers of teachers. Explore a framework leaders can utilize to implement Shared Leadership, a strategy for creating opportunities for individuals in the community to serve, side-by-side or in place of the leader during communal gatherings such as Shabbat services, staff and board meetings, religious school tefilot (prayer), community concerts, and song sessions. When employed intentionally and strategically, Shared Leadership increases the relevance of the leader as well as community risk tolerance, partnership, and philanthropy.

RTKS (Relationship/ Rapport/ Respect, Translation, Kavanah, Share)

RTKS (Relationship/ Rapport/ Respect, Translation, Kavanah, Share) is a practical and interactive workshop where participants analyze and explore ways to consistently create powerful learning and teaching experiences in Jewish education as well as personal and professional communication. Borrowing from methods used by both rabbinic scholars and top sales performers in the business world, RTKS shares a simple framework that Jewish educators can utilize to guarantee a top performance from the classroom to the bima and beyond.

Strategic Road Mapping

Never leave the site of inspiration without making a commitment! In this powerful and often life-changing workshop, you will map out the next steps on your journey, creating a personal strategic road map that identifies anticipated goals, milestones, challenges, resources and partners for achieving success.

SLBC Day of Leadership

Songleader Boot Camp (SLBC) Day of Leadership is a very unique and powerful one-day local leadership training immersion program geared for Jewish educators, Rabbis, Cantors, cantorial soloists, religious and day school educators, family engagement specialists, early childhood educators, veteran and new songleaders, teens, and college students. SLBC Day of Leadership provides an extraordinary opportunity to cultivate leadership growth and development in your community at a very low cost.

SLBC Day of Leadership explores the physiology, psychology, strategy, and execution of explosive Jewish leadership, teaching, and song leading. The SLBC Local Conference is led by SLBC Executive Director, Rick Recht, the top touring artist in Jewish music.

During SLBC Day of Leadership, participants create a SLBC Strategic Road Map including goals, milestones, expected challenges, and needed resources.

The SLBC Day of Leadership Conference is a turn-key package that includes extensive SLBC Office support. It is likely venues hosting the SLBC Day of Leadership will recoup a great deal of conference costs or even recognize a profit from hosting.

SLBC Turnkey Package

• all SLBC Conference curricular materials
• all recruitment, marketing, and publicity materials
• all logistic support for travel and accommodations

SLBC Day of Leadership – Sample Schedule


Opening Program
Star State: Peak Performance Methodologies
Head to Toes: Interactive Body Dynamics
RTKS: Jewish Teaching Technologies
Dinner/ Songsession
Strategic Roadmapping
Closing Circle

We have been extremely fortunate to have Rick Recht lead two leadership training seminars for our faculty and staff. The sessions that Rick has led have been transformative experiences for our teachers who have left the workshops with real-time skills that they have directly applied in their classrooms. In addition to being high energy and a fun way to start our school year with our faculty, the sessions have been excellent group building moments for our staff.

Alex Weinberg – Director of Congregational Learning, Temple Beth Sholom, Cherry Hill, NJ

There is no substitute for the electricity that is felt in the room as Rick energizes each and every participant. Our members came away feeling empowered and feeling that they were capable of doing more and reaching higher than they had ever imagined. First and foremost, Rick teaches educators to believe in themselves.

Edward Edelstein, Executive Director, Jewish Educators Assembly

The SLBC workshops Rick shared at our synagogue were outstanding. The participants were energized from beginning to end. The content was inspiring and the presentation was exceptional. I knew it would be great, but it exceeded expectations!

Rabbi Ranon Teller, Senior Rabbi, Congregation Brith Shalom, Bellaire, TX

Rick led a fabulous leadership session with our Temple Board of Directors! Rick’s natural warmth and positive energy blended perfectly with his music and his thoughtful leadership insight to create a workshop that our leaders continue to reference. Rick was organized, professional, and helped raise ‘leadership development’ to a new level for our community. We eagerly await his next visit to TBS!

Rabbi Jay Perlman, Senior Rabbi, Temple Beth Shalom, Needham, MA

Our temple board of directors had a fantastic seminar under the leadership of Rick Recht this past year. Our entire board of directors had the opportunity to reflect on our overall purpose and how we could be more effective as a leadership team. As president of my temple, I cannot offer a more heartfelt endorsement of an individual; his knowledge and experience working with Jewish organizations of all sizes makes him a unique asset with vital perspective. Rick offers engaging seminars on multiple topics relevant for temples of all sizes that desire to focus their mission and effectiveness.

Al Cohn, MD – President, Temple Emanu-El, Birmingham, AL

We had utilized leadership training from the URJ and from outside consultants in years past and what Rick did was by far the most useful, fun and inspiring leadership training we have been a part of. Rick helped us focus on what it is that we bring to our leadership roles at the synagogue and how we can bring our best selves – as leaders and as Jews to the sacred task of synagogue leadership. I believe that our board of directors left the weekend feeling renewed, invigorated and ready to help guide our community into the future.

Rabbi Gary Mazo – Adath B’nai Israel, Evansville, IN

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