SLBC Video Highlights

Experience SLBC and what we’re all about!

An absolutely soaring moment at SLBC Havdalah with Jackson Mercer leading Hillel Tigay’s “Ozi V’Zimrat Yah.”

The music, the energy, the teachers, the community! Rick Recht leads “Halleluyah/Chosen Family.”

Check out the debut performance from the first ever SLBC Choir, led by Josh Ehrlich!

Rabbi Joe Black and Cantor Ellen Dreskin lead Elana Arian’s fantastic “Mi Chamocha.”

“Ein Od,” there is NONE else. A soul-stirring moment at SLBC ’20 from Rabbi Yosef Goldman.

The SLBC Staenberg Teen Chavurah performs a take on a “Mister Rogers” classic.

Jewish Star winner Kenneth Lyonswright performs his song “Seek It Out.”

The winners of JRR’s Jewish Star Season 1 sing Nefesh Mountain’s “L’dor Vador.”

An unforgettable moment with Rob Aronson to open the SLBC ’19 leading his beautiful “Hava Nashira.”

SLBC can also be a dance party with, you know, hundreds of your closest friends!

Joe Buchanan reminds us that while it’s a big world, when we sing together – it creates that small-town feeling.

How great it is when our SLBC family is singing LOUD together. Sing along with this Mikey Pauker favorite!

Shira Kline leads Batya Levine’s powerful “We Rise.”

Eliana Light offers this beautiful intention that serves as an introduction to tefillah.

What the world needs now is LOVE. We came together to create and share a song of love – featuring the SLBC community and top stars in Jewish music.

This Billy Jonas song will make you smile your biggest smile! Not only is this song incredibly fun, but it’s also a great way to describe and teach SO MANY Jewish holidays.

Amazing energy from Josh Warshawsky and Eliana Light at SLBC morning Tefilah.

Lucy Greenbaum brings down the house at SLBC ’18 with Adonai S’fatai from her new album, Sing Your Strength. A star is born!

The AMAZING, brand new SLBC Teen Track, led by Naomi Less, got this crowd on their feet!

Jewish Women Rock! Chava Mirel’s performance at SLBC.

Songleader Boot Camp National Conference 2016

2012 Songleader Boot Camp National Conference participants singing Halleluyah by Rick Recht

Ramah Mini Song Session – SLBC 2013